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Looking up through a nautilus-shell-shaped staircase made of warm wood and dark metal. Through the center shines the blank sky, visible through triangular panes of glass that come together in the center of the stairs. Does the spiral continue into infinity, or is that just our imaginations?


...will sit outside of and inflect the rest of what we do, and can be modified as a result of our classroom experiences), syllabus-as-article-abstract, syllabus-as-map-and-legend, syllabus-as-curriculum-vitae,...
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Broken piano keys

Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture

in terms of a syllabus. While many of the headings may be consistent with one’s expectations of the genre, the content serves a radically different function....
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broken piano keys

Envisioning the Radical Syllabus: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture, Part 2

way. A standard syllabus lists a number of policies, grading information, and learning objectives the student ought to accomplish during the course. Such a syllabus suggests...
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radiant glowing flower buds about to burst

Opening the Classroom: Ownership and Engagement

...Students can develop these guidelines themselves or in collaboration. I’m designing a class where the first meeting is a look at the funkily formatted syllabus. The...
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tines of a fork cast a long shadow on a laminate surface

A User’s Guide to Forking Education

...teachers coming to class as full participants. The syllabus. A good syllabus is not a contract, because by the end of a class, the syllabus should...
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Butterfly resting on short, small purple flowers

Challenging Our Pedagogy: Hybrid Pedagogy’s Editors’ Picks

...and Generosity with Lee Skallerup Bessette, Chris Friend, Asao B. Inoue, and Kris Shaffer. Real teachers talk real experiences of assessing differently according to critical pedagogical...
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a close-up of a brass musical instrument

An Open Letter to My Students keep in mind as we work together. Though these are not part of the course content, do not appear on the syllabus, and will not...
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MOOC MOOC in pencil sketch

MMDU: Bleeding Horses, Breaking Habits, Overthrowing the Course

...and the ways we ask our students (and colleagues) to fit into containers themselves. Some questions to consider in advance of the discussion: What would you...
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waterside wooden bench with worn path in the dirt in front of it

Learning Through Conversation

...into my teaching. I found myself questioning the implicit theoretical position of most university syllabuses, which construe students as independent cognitive-psychological units and presume that the...
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Very Useful Tools

Push, Pull, Fork: GitHub for Academics of scholars facilitate this work? How can a scholar or pedagogue make an article, an assignment, a syllabus, a book, a database, or a website...
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One lit chair, alone in a dark room

On Pedagogical Manipulation

...the right ways. It’s crucial, though, to be honest about how this kind of power plays out in the classroom. This article from College Teaching suggests...
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Troll statue, cast in silver tones, snarling rudely at camera

The March of the MOOCs: Monstrous Open Online Courses the world. The internet is a window not a world. The course for a MOOC is not, in fact, online. That would be like saying...
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Gnome Neighborhood

Building in the Humanities Isn’t New

...whole range of childlike modes of acquisition, from touching things to giving them names. ~ Walter Benjamin As I prepared the syllabus for my Chaucer class...
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Looks like light-bulb glass

The Digital Humanities is About Breaking Stuff

...of the literary texts we analyze (and ask students to analyze) with digital tools. In the syllabus for a recent undergraduate seminar in the digital humanities,...
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Blue and yellow fallout shelter sign against yellow bricks

Teaching with the Internet; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Google In My Classroom

...writing. In the first instance, I gave my students the task of remixing their own syllabus, grading scheme and schedule, settled them down with some models...
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extreme close-up of the center of a flower; pollen spores collected in the middle

Beyond Surface-Level Digital Pedagogy

...or showed visible signs of disinterest. “I want to get you out of here early tonight, so let’s review the syllabus. Let’s actually start from the...
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Red balance beams

A Safe Space for Dangerous Ideas; a Dangerous Space for Safe Thinking

...that may disturb them, recent events have shown that students and administrators often want far more than a trigger warning on a syllabus or a willingness...
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metal plates bolted together curving like a leaf down toward a brick-red wall

Bit, Block, Sketch, Build: Bricolage and Educator Learning coordinate over the past few years called the Marginal Syllabus. The Marginal Syllabus convenes and sustains conversations with educators about equity in education via open...
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A cat nuzzles the snout of a dog; both look contented, like they're enjoying the afternoon together

A Pedagogy of Kindness

...way we were, and what subtextual messages we were sending to our students about who they were. I took a good long look at my syllabus,...
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statue of hugging rabbits, the color of rusted copper

Learning to Let Go: Listening to Students in Discussion

...not on my syllabus, but as a critical pedagogue seeing my students parroting folly (because it is not "their" idea), I feel it is my duty...
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A crocodile emerges from a pond covered in green plant growth. Only the eye is really visible. Which one of us is sneaking up on the other?

Travelling in Troy With an Instructional Designer the nature of the current structure of academia, the syllabus for a course must include learning outcomes. However, they do not have to be the...
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long-exposure view of stars spiraling inward, silhouettes of rock face and leafless tree in foreground

Keeping Time

...when applied to what it is I’m doing when I make a syllabus or a plan for class. Nonetheless, my own experience taking a roundabout way...
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Knobs with switch in the center.

The Student 2.0

...include this quotation from Thomas P. Kasulis on the front page of the online syllabus for every course I teach: “A class is also a process,...
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Blurred, multicolor lights from brakes, street lamps, signs, and other sources form a background behind a car’s side mirror, speckled with raindrops.

Critical Pedagogy: Intentions and Realities syllabus is flexible and negotiable, that I want us all to learn from each other, and that I hope they can apply everything we learn...
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View down a white, slightly spiral staircase. At bottom, in the center of this spiral, bold green leaves appear, roughly in the shape of an apostrophe. An arm reaches into the green, about to pet the leaves

But You Can’t Do That in a STEM course!

...“But… science students can’t design courses; they need to be provided with a clear syllabus, assignments and a grading structure from experts who know best.” Recently,...
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