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Power Lines over Flowers

Contingent Labor: an Interview with Lynée Gaillet and Letizia Guglielmo

On Friday, October 4th, 2013, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a synchronous #digped conversation on Twitter focused on Pedagogy, Neoliberalism, and Academic Labor . Because contingent labor is...
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four robot figurines; furthest one is in focus

Public Archives, New Knowledge, and Moving Beyond the Digital Humanities/Digital Pedagogy Distinction

...graduate students pool knowledge and labor to create lasting contributions to public history. Testifying to the success of this collaborative research model, examples of digital humanities...
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stone sculpture, stretching from bottom left over and up to about ⅔ from right edge, resembling a blend between bodies and a lava flow

Becoming Visible: A #Digped chat on Contingency in the Classroom

...challenges. Many graduate students teach their own classes, which adds complexity to the labor debate: while TAs are not considered contingent labor in the same way...
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Pink candy "Peep" bunny wrapped in black duct tape sitting in a gap on a brick wall

On Labor, Learning Conditions, and Affordable Education

...and core mission of the university, and fight for it. As Justin Miller and labor activist/scholar Joe Berry explain in “When Adjuncts Go Union”: Administrations turned...
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thick cables, large bolts, and other mechanical detritus

Pedagogy, Neoliberalism, and Academic Labor: a #digped Discussion believe a failure to address the economic realities in which our students labor and will labor — both within and without the academy — does...
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People walking before a colorful wall

Faculty, Mobilize for Equity!

...labor and hold institutions, boards, and legislators accountable. According to the United States Department of Labor, Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations, Section 5: Contingent...
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small fuzzy brown bear being hugged

Digital Pedagogy Lab: Key Moments

...role of education technology in pedagogy, in scholarly labor, in the labor of learning and of love? And again, whose labor is saved, and whose is...
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Cardboard sign reading "I need a miracle"

From Ph.D. to Poverty

...strong voices in the argument for adjunct labor reform, but the more widespread false consciousness that accepts, complies with, justifies, and administers exploited labor is shameful....
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Become better at drawing faces in 30 weeks

N=1: A Social Scientific Inquiry into Happiness and Academic Labor

...of unresolved anxieties, the data indicates a positive trend in the subject’s development, while pointing to the larger challenges of pursuing a PhD in an era...
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a pink flower rests gently on the trigger for a wood-and-metal mousetrap

A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin

...actively object to donating that labor, educators should never be in the business of removing student agency. The abuse of student labor and intellectual property is...
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dozens of mannequin hands arranged on a table, holding pocket mirrors

Redefining Service for the Digital Academic: Scholarship, Social Media, and Silos

...sites as a way to engage audiences and develop digital communities and networks, the labor of the digital academic that seems to pay off in exciting...
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pepper pulls the salt

Adjunctification: Living in the Margins of Academe

Unfair labor practices are commonplace in American higher education, public and private. Hardly anyone denies the problem of adjunctificaton and contingency, and, more epidemic, laborers on...
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yellow balloons

10 Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Making a Meta-MOOC

...course advocates a spirit of innovation, experimentation, collaboration, daring, and, sometimes, the result is DIY amateurism. Thus the long subtitle. The learning is lifelong. Or as...
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A white rope, tied to perhaps a mooring, appears on the left side of a painted-red background

Whither the Digital Humanities?

...two troubling developments: the rise of adjunct academic labor, and the use of business models to evaluate education. Adjunct labor: the digital humanities’ current cache, observes...
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Dog behind bars, charging toward something behind the camera

If Freire Made a MOOC: Open Education as Resistance

...the requirements of an industrialized world — where deadlines and measurable productivity are the backbone of labor — they do not empower students to question labor...
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red Paper heart stuck into a green metal air-intake grille

Humanists and Our Books, Pt. 1: The Work of Humanism

...another announcement regarding a second project we have in the works. Kris Shaffer and Robin Wharton are collaborating to guide Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing. Kris has discussed...
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large soap bubble forming on the surface of many other soap bubbles

Decolonizing Critical Participation and Writing: A Year of Open Access Publishing on the Margins

...a bit, but in case it doesn't, I'm concerned with issues of labor. The publication itself explores issues of labor as well. With a small press...
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Look close - There are bricks behind that glass.

CFP: The Problem of Contingency in Higher Education

...discussion of fair labor practices related to adjunct and contingent workers. The plight of the adjunct is not only very real, it also serves as a...
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Brightly saturated image of a heart shape in red on the back of a closed fist

Working in/at Public

...sustain itself without exploiting academic labor (most salient now as we work to address the contingent labor crisis in higher ed) or relying on for-profit EdTech...
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light cat, dark face, blue eyes. Is it hunting you or just the camera lens?

“To Be Honest I’m Not Sure If We Have a Textbook”: Undergraduate Access to Course Reading

...of Labor Statistics reports that consumer prices for college textbooks increased by 88% between 2006 and 2016. Cost is certainly a major factor in decisions that...
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metal plates bolted together curving like a leaf down toward a brick-red wall

Bit, Block, Sketch, Build: Bricolage and Educator Learning

...of interdisciplinary collaboration, educational technology, and pedagogical innovation. MSU’s “hub” isn’t alone; indeed, the article cites a 2015 report about the growth of academic innovation centers...
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Rows of Colors

A Scholarship of Resistance: Bravery, Contingency, and Higher Education

...adjunct labor and discounts a call to reform graduate education in the humanities. Adjuncts and those of us calling for a radical reimagining of what goes...
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This Butterfly knows if you Pretend

Not a Scarlet Letter: Talking with Students about Being an Adjunct

...yet, ask your students regardless of whether you’re adjunct, tenure track, or tenured. Part- and full-time faculty, regardless of discipline, need to be collaborating — both...
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red bench in front of twig fence

Librarian as Outsider

...somehow distinct from the labor (and laborers) that are responsible for its existence and continuation. This perception is problematically one that many academics — disenfranchised and...
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Rust monster

Stress Points

...more rambunctiously with timely and non-traditional content outside the rigorous collaborative peer review that articles from the main page of the journal receive. Being a professor...
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