Kris Shaffer

Kris Shaffer is an Instructional Technology Specialist at the University of Mary Washington and Contributing Editor for Hybrid Pedagogy. He is also the lead author and editor of Open Music Theory, an open-source, interactive textbook for undergraduate music theory courses. Kris’s research centers around the music of twentieth- and twenty-first-century composers, computational analysis, and the pedagogy of music theory and aural skills. In addition to Hybrid Pedagogy, his research appears in Music Theory OnlineDigital Humanities Now, and Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy(for which he served as coordinating editor). Kris is also an active performer. He most recently has freelanced in the Charleston, S.C., area, performing with the Charleston Symphony, Opera Charleston, the Savannah Philharmonic, North Charleston Pops, and popular artists such as Jay Clifford. He holds a Ph.D. from Yale University. Kris can be found on the open web at, on Twitter at @krisshaffer, and on GitHub at