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#digped Storify: A Hashtag Chat About Hashtags

 Published on August 6, 2013 /  Written by /  0
Inspired by Charlotte Frost‘s article “Hashtag Classroom” last week on Hybrid Pedagogy, we hosted a #digped chat on Friday, August 2, 2013 to explore the pedagogical utility and variety of Twitter hashtag chats. As Jesse wrote in his announcement of the discussion, “Given the robust search functionality of Twitter, all of the words in a given tweet are searchable. The hashtag, though, adds another dimension . . . [It] puts one tweet alongside other tweets, drawing very intentional lines between one idea and another — and allowing those ideas to be curated together with a single left-click of a mouse or trackpad.” A collection of over 60 participants from a variety of backgrounds gathered around their screens to post questions, offer advice, and explore the nature of the “#” and its mutiform application to teaching and learning.

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