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Sepia tone close up of a can opener's blade mechanism

Teaching, Not Tools: A #digped Conversation

On Friday, May 1, at 12PM EDT we will talk about digital tools and praxis, and how they intersect in our professions. We’ll consider questions of...
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stone sculpture, stretching from bottom left over and up to about ⅔ from right edge, resembling a blend between bodies and a lava flow

Becoming Visible: A #Digped chat on Contingency in the Classroom

After a brief hiatus during MOOC MOOC: Critical Pedagogy, our regular monthly #digped chats return for a discussion of National Adjunct Walkout Day and #afterNAWD —...
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Spooky sheep in shadows

MMCP: Countersites in Learning — Constructing Anarchist Educational Alternatives

MOOC MOOC: Critical Pedagogy is a six-week exploration of critical pedagogy. During this fourth week of MOOC MOOC: Critical Pedagogy (MMCP), we will be discussing Jeffery...
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broken piano keys

Envisioning the Radical Syllabus: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture, Part 2

This piece is a follow-up and response to “Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture.” There is a fear among University educators that the...
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Lines on the pavement with a small orange graphic of a person hanging out amongst them

Accidentally Everywhere: Critical Pedagogy in the World

On Friday, December 5 a crowd of accidental pedagogues met on Twitter via #digped to raise their voices. We considered the notion that critical pedagogy is...
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large stars painted in a row on gridded pavement

Brief Encounters with Accidental Pedagogues: A #digped Chat

“I am not alone. There are accidental pedagogues everywhere, teachers without classrooms who left the academy but kept their ears and eyes open for when a...
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Rose with rain drops

Love in the Time of Peer Review

Over the weekend of November 21-23, the Hybrid Pedagogy editorial board gathered in Washington D.C. for an intensive working retreat. During that time, we collaborated on...
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wet footprint on wood; whose steps have gone before me?

Ephemeral Realities: When Two Worlds Collide

On Friday, November 7, several brave souls joined a conversation working towards uncovering and discovering the mysteries of the digital experience. It didn’t take long before...
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Ruined bathroom tiles

Claiming Ground in the Absence of Space: a #digped chat

“Algorithms control the way we write, the way we interact with one another, the way we find each other in the digital, and whether or not...
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Books emerging from a broken wall

Curious Beasts: (re)Imagining Dissertations

In celebration of Cathy Davidson’s “What Is a Dissertation? New Models, Methods, Media” and #remixthediss event, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a conversation about the pedagogical challenges and implications of dissertation and...
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Two pairs of legs sitting on a rock; hiking boots on, light refracting across the lens.

#digped Storify: Critical Pedagogy in Classroom Discussion

On Friday, September 5th, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a #digped discussion on Twitter about classroom discussion and the pedagogy of inclusion. Foremost in the conversation were concerns about...
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the legs of two people sitting atop a concrete wall; sneakers and boots

Critical Pedagogy in Classroom Discussion: a #Digped Discussion

“Indeed, little of the teaching makes our students see the relevance, necessity, or beauty of the subject.” ~ Paul Goodman, from Compulsory Mis-education, 1964 Many tensions lurk...
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Broken piano keys

Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture

Syllabi that reflect the mundane, bureaucratic requirements of the University are at risk of setting an equally banal classroom atmosphere. While administrative personnel may argue otherwise,...
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Tennis shoe

A Pedagogy of Discovery: Reflections on Teaching Tech to Elementary Students

When I discovered a rather nondescript blurb on Craigslist about needing an immediate replacement for a “technology specialist,” I didn’t know exactly what I’d find. Much...
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Domo in the grass

Discovering Natural Classrooms: Hybrid Collective Learning Spaces

For many, the classroom is an alienating place. There are environmental factors that play into this (and monetary factors that play into these environmental ones). There...
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New born chick

Cracking Open the Curriculum

“‘I hate it when you talk like this . . .’ ‘I merely observe that this is a quantum Universe and, as such, what happens is...
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Mammalian Cells

Learning Beyond Limits: Open Source Collaboration in the Classroom

The Challenge: Incorporate an open source community service project into every class. What happens to a student paper or project after the individual turns it in or...
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