February 4, 2014
Photo of an outstretched left hand holding a camera lens pointed away from view. Through the lens, the upside-down image of a male photographer in orange shirt, camera raised to shoot, stands beside a female photographer to his side, with her arms on her hips. Surrounding the camera lens is a heavily blurred, deep blue background.

Confessions of a Subversive Student

My relationship with education has always been a kind of dissonant harmony. I have always loved learning, yet I have always felt like a rogue in...
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MOOC MOOC in pencil sketch

MMDU: Bleeding Horses, Breaking Habits, Overthrowing the Course

MOOC MOOC: Dark Underbelly (MMDU) is a rambunctious series of discussions about the past, present, and future of higher education, focusing on topics rising directly from...
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journal logo (two nested mathematical Unity symbols in light and medium blue) above the following text: “Hybrid Pedagogy: An open-access journal of learning, teaching, and technology”

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