January 5, 2012
David Bowie's labyrinth!

Hack the LMS: Getting Progressive

On the simplest level, a learning management system is any organizational pattern that assists teaching and learning. A grade book can also serve this function; so...
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Tangled wires.

The Tangle of Assessment

Grading and assessment are curious beasts, activities many instructors love to hate but ones that nonetheless undergird the institutions where we work. Peter Elbow begins his...
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Political comic about the government.

Trading Classroom Authority for Online Community

Early web commenters referred to the Internet as a primitive, lawless place like the “Wild West.” Plenty still needs to change to make certain parts of...
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a flock of ducks snuggling, viewed from above

Rules of Engagement; or, How to Build Better Online Discussion

All participation is not equal. Digital media prompt us for comments, but in an academic setting we should harness this cultural habit to teach the difference...
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Graffiti words on a brick wall.

Digital Culture and Shifting Epistemology

In his article “A Seismic Shift in Epistemology” (2008), Chris Dede draws a distinction between classical perceptions of knowledge and the approach to knowledge underpinning Web...
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