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overexposed reminiscence of a classic, two-bell alarm clock sitting on a horizontal tree branch; contemplating urgency, memory, simultaneity

Education in the (Dis)Information Age

We are all on the front lines in the war against disinformation. I recently visited a seminar course for history majors at University of Mary Washington....
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beams of light and striped shadows criss-cross atop wooden planks

Meeting the Dimensions of Education

When we talk about education, one fundamental thing from which we should start are the aspects in which education takes place. What does a person need...
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sunrise through a tree, lighting the sky red

Truthy Lies and Surreal Truths: A Plea for Critical Digital Literacies

Misinformation abounds. This has always been the case, but the problem has become acute in the age of digital communication. As Mike Caulfield and Zeynep Tufekci...
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view of water drops on reflective surface; bold, blurred colored shapes in reflection’s background: yellow, red, purple

Textual Communities: Writing, Editing, and Generation in Chicana Feminism

When I first proposed the research title “Editing Chicanas,” one of my mentors, Alice Gambrell, commented that it was a good title, partly because it prompted...
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landscape painter creates image of clouds visible past the canvas

#GenLit as #Netprov

Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing is our experiment in longer-form work related to critical digital pedagogy. For the past year and a half, Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing has been...
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black and white image of shadow of train passenger cast on window; tracks and degraded buildings visible in the distance

Creating Mike Sterling for the #GenLit Project

Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing is our experiment in longer-form work related to critical digital pedagogy. For the past year and a half, Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing has been...
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close view of clay roof segments connected by concrete

Perspectives from the #GenLit Classroom: A Professor and Student Converse

Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing is our experiment in longer-form work related to critical, digital pedagogy. For the past year and a half, Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing has been providing...
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glass art with water; green glow predominates, while blue streams converge on glass half-sphere in center

What is Generative Literature? Introducing “The Generative Literature Project”

Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing is our experiment in longer-form work related to critical, digital pedagogy. For the past year and a half, Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing has been...
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View over balcony of abandoned, deteriorating, multi-level atrium

Teaching Digital Wisdom

Eliciting both passion and bloviating, the topic of appropriate technology use in the college classroom is sure to spark lively conversation among college instructors. While more...
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The Play’s The Thing: Lessons from Preschool Storytimes for College Classrooms

Though one might imagine that suggestions emerging from a preschool storytime may not seem to be a likely source of wisdom for an adult audience, I...
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Detailed close-up image of a fingertip, slightly angled toward an out-of-view light source. The ridges of a left loop fingerprint are clearly visible.

Humanizing the Interface

Oppression is inherently spatial. Governments use biopolitical mechanisms such as urban zoning and prisons to keep undesirable populations fixed in place; institutions use office location to...
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Three or more rows of golden chrysalis from a butterfly, all attached to white styrofoam

Bend Until It Breaks: Digital Humanities and Resistance

“The problem is to begin with a conception of power relations that grants that resistance is always possible but not always successful.” ~ David Sholle, “Resistance: Pinning...
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empty eggshell broken in half; writing on inside with "days left" tally and "help me"

Building Community and Critical Literacies with the Domain of One’s Own Incubator

In April, faculty and staff from fifteen universities in the Atlanta region (and beyond) will attend the Domain of One’s Own Atlanta Regional Incubator hosted by...
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Multimodality as a Frame for Individual and Institutional Change

Recently, we completed the final manuscript for a guidebook to support multimodal composition in writing- and project-intensive courses. We wrote the book because we realized that...
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Adorable white and black puppy

Collaborative Peer Review: Gathering the Academy’s Orphans

“…revolutionary leaders cannot be falsely generous, nor can they manipulate. Whereas the oppressor elites flourish by trampling the people underfoot, the revolutionary leaders can flourish only...
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Sad Human Art Form

Queequeg’s Coffin: a Sermon for the Digital Human

How I long for a time when text ended at the page. When it didn’t follow. Me. Through the streets and the hallways and under the...
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Reach Out and Touch Someone

A Pedagogy for Cross-cultural Digital Learning Environments

Education can benefit from the global network of connections we call the Internet, since the issue of access is less of a concern in the digital space than...
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Smarts and Protests

Social Action and the Status Quo: Bravery in First Year Composition

Lee Skallerup Bessette and Jesse Stommel note the real need for bravery in higher education, paying special attention to the idea that “when [educators] experiment with our...
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Multiple Personality Pedagogy: Varying Voice in the Classroom

As teachers, we sometimes get tired of hearing our own voices. That’s why we show movies, bring in guest speakers, and encourage discussion. Plus, we want...
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Who's cat doesn't do this?

Will MOOCs Work for Writing?

When faced with a complex, fluid, and potentially uncontrollable situation, I’ve often heard people say, “It’s like herding cats.” I can think of no more complex,...
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Vlogging Composition: Making Content Dynamic

With technological innovations come opportunities for students to compose, communicate, share, collaborate, and express themselves in contemporary ways as well as opportunities for teachers to harness...
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City Binoculars

Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 3: Developing Editors and Designers

This is the third installment in a three-part series on Editorial Pedagogy, a critical and three-dimensional approach to teaching, editing, and service. The first installment introduces the practice from a...
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Time-Lapse Starry Night Landscape

Bring Your Own Disruption: Rhizomatic Learning in the Composition Class

Too often, rather than inviting First-Year Composition (FYC) students into the disruptive experience of being a writer, we try to shield them inside the safety of...
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Tree growing over walkway.

Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 2: Developing Authors

In the previous installment to this series, I wrote about the theoretical foundations on which my professional philosophy, an editorial pedagogy, is built on the recursive and...
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Industrial size tent, red in the setting sun

Editorial Pedagogy, pt. 1: A Professional Philosophy

This article is the first in a three-part series. Two subsequent articles by Cheryl Ball will demonstrate the application of editorial pedagogy to the relationships between students...
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