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#digped Storify: the Course as Container

 Published on January 14, 2013 /  Written by /  0
In his article, Online Learning: a User’s Guide to Forking Education, among other arguments, Jesse Stommel foresees a need to break or rebuild the idea of the course. “We need to devise learning activities that take organic (and less arbitrary) shapes in space and time. We need to recognize that the best learning happens not inside courses, but between them.” As part of his larger discussion of “forking” education in order to bring learning more effectively into the digital medium, Jesse suggests that the course is only one of a set of components that needs to be taken apart, scrutinized with care and with playfulness, and then rebuilt. The inspection of education and educative methods needs to be so complete that no assumptions are left unexamined. During our January 11th #digped discussion, we took a close look at what a course is, and what happens when we consider altering — or entirely abandoning — this format for learning.

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