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The Course Hath No Bottom: the 20,000-Person Seminar

A few years ago, Sean Michael Morris and I wrote, “Meaningful relationships are as important in a class of three as they are in a class...
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Pedagogy of Care — Gone Massive

Sometimes, the most valuable thing we can offer our students is genuine care for them, their well-being, their happiness. Not just their grades. Not just their...
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Hold Door -- "DH" -- button on elevator

A Letter to the Humanities: DH Will Not Save You

Adeline Koh will be teaching the Identity track for Digital Pedagogy Lab in August 2015. To find out more about her track and to enroll, visit Digital Pedagogy Lab’s...
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Sign with peeling letters "Barber" in purple

LibGuides: Pedagogy to Oppress?

You have to be a pretty tenacious researcher to find any criticism about LibGuides, the practical and convenient tool that librarians use to create online guides...
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Bonnie Stewart sitting on child's desk

In Public: The Shifting Consequences of Twitter Scholarship

The idea of publics is central to scholarship. Scholarly pursuits are financed in part through public purses, and scholarship — in its idealized form, at least...
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Lady bug poised on the end of a thumb

Making a Space for the Digital and the Scholarly: The Editor as Teacher

On a beautiful June morning, I hurried through the streets of Bloomsbury to the University of London. These streets carry a great deal of imaginative and...
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Art supplies in silver buckets

Inventing the Digital Humanities through Freirian Praxis: Folding-Unfolding-Refolding

“[W]hat is broken and twisted is also beautiful, and a bearer of knowledge. The Deformed Humanities is an origami crane—a piece of paper contorted into an...
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A sloth crawling out of a plastic container.

Twitter and the Locus of Research

Hybrid Pedagogy recently announced a CFP focused on The Scholarly & the Digital. This piece is a response to that call and an invitation. While we have...
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An array of lampposts in the night

Community and Citizenship in the Computer Classroom

Traditional college students of today are completely mediated. They can tweet, text, and post to Instagram all day long; they swim through a sea of media,...
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Colorful sign posts pointing in various directions to destinations in Wroclaw, Poland; a cloud-filled sky provides the background.

Teaching as Wayfinding file | Play in new window | Duration: 15:26The 21st century learning landscape demands a significant shift in the role, but not the importance, of...
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Faculty, Mobilize for Equity!

“The whole theory of modern education is radically unsound. Fortunately in England, at any rate, education produces no effect whatsoever. If it did, it would prove...
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Colorful plumage

Twitter Pedagogy: An Educator Down the Twitter Rabbit Hole

How do we know if the new ‘it’ technology will work in our classroom? Will it create meaningful learning for our students, or even for ourselves...
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Daisies and Doc Martens

What We Can Learn from Homeschooling

Our homeschooling journey began nearly a decade ago, when our three year-old daughter started preschool. I was certain she would love school. She didn’t. We cycled...
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broken piano keys

Envisioning the Radical Syllabus: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture, Part 2

This piece is a follow-up and response to “Syllabus as Manifesto: A Critical Approach to Classroom Culture.” There is a fear among University educators that the...
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Faithful Listening

  When you read through and comment on your students’ work, how do you assess the twenty-fifth essay you read as faithfully — as painstakingly, as...
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Lonely mushroom amid rich forest-floor growth

Ecstatic Necessariness: Turmoil as Process in Digital Humanities

For the last three years while I’ve worked with Hybrid Pedagogy, I have been flip about Digital Humanities as a field, a practice, or a pursuit....
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Amphitheater seats

Open Digital Pedagogy = Critical Pedagogy

There seems too often to be an explicit agreement that instructors lead and students respond, that instructors advise as students seek guidance, that when instructors talk...
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A floppy-eared dog and a guinea pig are nestled amid lights and other Christmas decorations

Hybrid Pedagogy’s 2014 List of Lists

Hybrid Pedagogy will go dark from December 10, 2014, through early January 2015. Many of our readers and authors take this time to prepare for the...
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close-up of owl, showing details of feathers surrounding eyes

The Rules of Twitter

Twitter is an incredibly dynamic digital tool that can create spaces of flattened hierarchies. These spaces can fuel inclusive pedagogy. But before teaching with Twitter, instructors...
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Rose with rain drops

Love in the Time of Peer Review

Over the weekend of November 21-23, the Hybrid Pedagogy editorial board gathered in Washington D.C. for an intensive working retreat. During that time, we collaborated on...
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Dog behind bars, charging toward something behind the camera

If Freire Made a MOOC: Open Education as Resistance

On November 21 at the OpenEd Conference in Washington, DC, Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel will present on critical digital pedagogy and MOOCs. This is the second...
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Sheep following sheep

A Misapplication of MOOCs: Critical Pedagogy Writ Massive

On November 21 at the OpenEd Conference in Washington, DC, Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel will present on critical digital pedagogy and MOOCs. This is the second...
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Lightbulb in the dark

Critical Digital Pedagogy: a Definition

On November 21 at the OpenEd Conference in Washington, DC, Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel will present on critical digital pedagogy and MOOCs. This is...
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Young man climbing suspension bridge

Spect-ops at Harvard: How a World-leading University Reacts to Techno-centrism

“Screens so hi-def you might as well be there, cost effective videophonic conferencing, internal Froxx CD-ROM, electronic couture, all-in-one consoles (…) Half of all metro Bostonians...
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New leaf growing

Designing Critically: Feminist Pedagogy for Digital / Real Life

This article is a response submitted for our series about critical digital pedagogy. See the original CFP for details. I’m a feminist teacher of writing and literature of over...
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