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a rugged but worn ISEO-brand padlock holds something shut; what's being held on the other side?

The Public Necessity of Student Blogging

“If the history of educational technology teaches researchers anything then it is this: what begins as fresh, innovative and edgy quickly evolves to tired, redundant and...
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A tiny brown plant pops out from a pile of snow, looking like it wants to be a tree when it grows up

Disruptive Pedagogy and the Practice of Freedom

“The purpose of education, finally, is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions… What...
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An iridescent butterfly sits perched on the nose of a fluffy white cat. What will happen next, you ask?

Do You Trust Your Students?

When I began teaching, I focused on content and rigor. I made the rookie mistake of designing my first course in ways that would have worked...
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View down a white, slightly spiral staircase. At bottom, in the center of this spiral, bold green leaves appear, roughly in the shape of an apostrophe. An arm reaches into the green, about to pet the leaves

But You Can’t Do That in a STEM course!

“I spent a whole year learning about all the different kinds of clouds. I still refer to them as ‘puffy clouds’, ‘rain clouds’, ‘snow clouds’, ‘hazy...
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a figure made from blue pipe cleaner hugs a red pipe-cleaner heart; sepia trees blur in the background. How feeble is the heart?

A Classroom Romance

I’m a professor, and I’m in love with a student. It’s not the first time, either. Before I moved into teaching at the university level, I...
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a peace lily stands bravely before a fiery-orange blurred backdrop. Defiant, really.

Pedagogical Violence and the Power of Language

My parents handed the lawyer a plastic binder with a paper insert, “Maggie Melo.” Moments before, my parents flipped through the file with approving nods. I...
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metal plates bolted together curving like a leaf down toward a brick-red wall

Bit, Block, Sketch, Build: Bricolage and Educator Learning

Maybe this reads as familiar: A bit of information shorn of its original context, a fleeting reference to that thing you read last month, some multimodal...
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what looks to be a wall, a very purple wall, with crisscrossed beams passing along its surface. Where are they going? What do they connect?

Fandom, Feminism, and Maker Pedagogy

In my graduate seminar on the History of Publishing, I ask students to “adopt” an object from Simon Fraser University’s Special Collections and to propose a...
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close-up of the dense, folding, layered petals of a yellow flower

Student Shaming and the Need for Academic Empathy

“I feel I have just been beaten down with everything I have ever written.” The confessions begin at first reluctantly. Then, they gain momentum: “Writing feels...
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streaky, blurred image of a street-level view with echoes of a "no pedestrians" sign (maybe?) in the background; colors otherwise primarily deep blues and black

Digital Ghosts in the Modern Classroom

Students often explain that they take the courses I teach because they want to learn how to make GIFs, YouTube videos, and HTML/CSS websites. They want...
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radiant glowing flower buds about to burst

Opening the Classroom: Ownership and Engagement

It was time to open up the classroom. I was tired of doing class on my own. Tired of designing lesson plans that minutely mapped every...
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dilapidated classroom, light streaming through windows onto broken yet upright wooden desks; chalkboard beckons for participation

Orphan MOOCs and the Digital Dark Ages

Once upon a time, I taught a MOOC. Actually it was twice, and really it was only four years ago. It was a course called Metadata:...
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overexposed reminiscence of a classic, two-bell alarm clock sitting on a horizontal tree branch; contemplating urgency, memory, simultaneity

Education in the (Dis)Information Age

We are all on the front lines in the war against disinformation. I recently visited a seminar course for history majors at University of Mary Washington....
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A white daisy shot from underneath presenting boldly to the sky

Adventures in Unveiling: Critical Pedagogy and Imagination

There never were going to be any dinosaur bones. Not on that cloudy day, nor on any other. But we went out anyway. With sandwiches and...
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occasional blue lights on a circular metal contraption give the illusion of spinning and bathe the ground below in glow

Write Out Loud: Risk & Reward in Digital Publishing

Language is a source of power that makes things happen in the world, and that is an important and challenging lesson to teach in college writing courses....
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silhouette of a Roman statue holding a writing implement, superimposed on a sunrise over water

Critical Digital Praxis in Wikipedia: The Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon

Wikipedia’s gender gap, which results in problems of representation attributed to the lack of women and non-male editors participating in the encylopedia’s production, is by now...
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drops of water rest delicately on bright red leaves with serrated edges

Making the Invisible Visible

Simplifying people to stereotypes rarely has a noble purpose. In narrowing and propagating unnuanced definitions for human experiences or identities, the already marginalized can be dehumanized,...
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disorienting black-and-white image of unpredictable architecture photographed from an unusual angle, making up and down difficult to ascertain, while curves and lines contrast without providing guidance

The Ultimate Life Experience: Preparing Students for the World Beyond the Classroom

There needs to be a general reshaping of how college is viewed and how colleges act. There is an epidemic going on right now. Students invest...
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An adorable white puppy gives, well, puppy-dog eyes to the camera after nibbling on the corner of the daily news

Paradigms in Academe: On the Digital, Motherhood, and Location-Nonspecific Work

My day began at 2am. One of our kids stumbled into our room because he couldn’t sleep. We’ve learned the hard way that inviting him into...
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heavily blurred view of bronzed cactus thorns on a yellow background

Risk and Event-Based Pedagogies

Writing is neither a process nor a product; it is an event that transforms those who engage in it. Teachers must acknowledge not just the rewards...
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The Statue of Liberty reaches up from behind a wall’s edge

Learning at the Intersections

I started writing this article on the day the Trump administration announced they were bombing Syria. A dark coincidence. The announcement came via my New York...
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someone’s snout is peeking out from beneath a warm, snuggly blanket

The Safety Paradox

Two news stories at the beginning of the 2016 fall semester reignited an ongoing debate about the importance of safety in higher education. The first was...
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a pink flower rests gently on the trigger for a wood-and-metal mousetrap

A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin

Students often find themselves uploading their content — their creative work — into the learning management system. Perhaps they retain a copy of the file on...
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beams of light and striped shadows criss-cross atop wooden planks

Meeting the Dimensions of Education

When we talk about education, one fundamental thing from which we should start are the aspects in which education takes place. What does a person need...
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industry on fire, nature charred, a monster pleading against expulsion

Indie, Open, Free: The Fraught Ideologies of Ed-Tech

I grew up in a middle-class American household, and I studied classical music. I took private lessons from seventh grade on. I owned my own instrument...
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