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Conversations: Instructional Design, Trust, and Discovery

Sean Michael Morris and Josh Eyler recently sat down for a conversation to set the stage for MOOC MOOC: Instructional Design. Sean had been dipping into...
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Trust, Agency, and Connected Learning

This interview with Jesse was published on HASTAC as part of the Digital Media and Learning Competition 5 Trust Challenge. We are republishing a revised version...
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Lossless Learning: an Interview with Jared Stein

The following is an interview with Jared Stein, Vice President of Research and Education at Instructure, the makers of the Canvas LMS. Following a press release...
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I hope that guy is just sleeping...

Fight the Dead, Fear the MOOC: Questioning The Walking Dead MOOC

On October 14th, the Canvas Network will launch a new massive open online course inspired by the popular television series The Walking Dead. Instructure has teamed with faculty from the University of...
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Failure, Part of the Creative Process: Anya Kamenetz Twinterview

On Friday, March 8, Pete Rorabaugh interviewed Anya Kamenetz, author of DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Change in Higher Education (2010). Kamenetz’s writing investigates...
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School of Fish

Pushing Back on Contingency in #HigherEd: Josh Boldt Twinterview

On Tuesday, February 5, 2013, Josh Boldt joined Pete Rorabaugh on Twitter for an hour-long discussion of his work. Boldt, a lecturer in English at the University...
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Somewhere Between a Course and a Community: Alec Couros Twinterview

On Friday, January 11, 2013, Pete Rorabaugh asked Alec Couros to join hium for an hour-long Twinterview. It was the weekend before the launch of #ETMOOC, his brainchild, and...
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Domo was outraged when he spotted this un-authorized use of his own decal, he had to hide his image.

Audrey Watters Wrestles with MOOCs

Pete Rorabaugh chatted with the globe-trotting Audrey Watters about the institutional questions that MOOCs raise. Watters is an ed tech journalist and the author/editor of Hack...
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