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red leaf tosses in the wind over cobblestone

Dance : Work : Learn : Teach : Write

Prelude In a former life I was a dancer. A former life, or a previous era: BGS (Before Grad School). This is how I used to...
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long-exposure view of stars spiraling inward, silhouettes of rock face and leafless tree in foreground

Keeping Time

What do we mean when we use the phrase, “in the real world”? As many of us are in a state of transition between school and...
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Rose with rain drops

Love in the Time of Peer Review

Over the weekend of November 21-23, the Hybrid Pedagogy editorial board gathered in Washington D.C. for an intensive working retreat. During that time, we collaborated on...
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Typewriter looking mysterious

Hybridity and Form in Generative Literature: A #GenLit Discussion

“Each novelist, each novel must invent its own form.” ~ Alain Robbe Grillet The Generative Literature Project is now underway on seven campuses, as a murder...
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book of fabric samples resting on bright-red wood floor

Humanists and Our Books, Pt. 2: Becoming Books

On Tuesday, June 3, Hybrid Pedagogy released an announcement and CFP related to the first long-form project to be undertaken by Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing. Two weeks...
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red Paper heart stuck into a green metal air-intake grille

Humanists and Our Books, Pt. 1: The Work of Humanism

On Tuesday, June 3, Hybrid Pedagogy released an announcement and CFP related to the first long-form project to be undertaken by Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing. In the...
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wall of bookshelves with large letter placards in front of many nooks; letters read, “WHO NEEDS BOOKS? Wait."

Martian Codicology, or How to Think About Books: A #digped Discussion

“While the form of the ‘book’ is now going through a period of general upheaval, and while that form now appears less natural, and its history...
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Three or more rows of golden chrysalis from a butterfly, all attached to white styrofoam

Bend Until It Breaks: Digital Humanities and Resistance

“The problem is to begin with a conception of power relations that grants that resistance is always possible but not always successful.” ~ David Sholle, “Resistance: Pinning...
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Look close - There are bricks behind that glass.

CFP: The Problem of Contingency in Higher Education

Read the collection of articles published from this CFP. The case of Margaret Mary Vojtko made much more public a conversation that’s been heating up in academe. Vojtko,...
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thick cables, large bolts, and other mechanical detritus

Pedagogy, Neoliberalism, and Academic Labor: a #digped Discussion

On Friday, October 4th from 12:00 – 1:00pm Eastern (9:00 – 10:00am Pacific), Hybrid Pedagogy will host a Twitter discussion under the hashtag #digped to discuss whether and how pedagogy...
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Artfully Placed Stuff

Of Gnomes and Lifelong Learning: a #digped Discussion

Of what use is education? Of what use are the educational institutions we’ve erected in the 20th and 21st centuries? On Friday, June 7 from 1:00...
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Little Girl Remix

CFP: A Dialogue among K-12 and Post-secondary Pedagogies and Pedagogues

Don’t throw the past away. You might need it some rainy day. Dreams can come true again, When everything old is new again. —Peter Allen, “Everything...
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Gnome Neighborhood

Building in the Humanities Isn’t New

“For children can accomplish the renewal of existence in a hundred unfailing ways.” — Walter Benjamin, “Unpacking My Library“ “Turn your data into a story, into...
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tunnel through glacier

Of Icebergs and Ownership: A Common-Sense Approach to Intellectual Property

Recently, my colleague and Hybrid Pedagogy co-conspirator, Pete Rorabaugh, and I spoke at the Emory Symposium on Digital Publication, Undergraduate Research, and Writing. Over the course of...
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Close-up of a journal and pen

New Media Conventions and Digital Citation: a #digped Discussion

The conversation curated and archived via Storify. This Friday, November 2 from 1:00 – 2:00pm Eastern (10:00 – 11:00am Pacific), Hybrid Pedagogy will host a Twitter discussion under the hashtag...
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Solid white street line

Blurring Lines, Breaking Rules: a #digped Discussion

This Friday, September 14 from 1:00 – 2:00pm Eastern (10:00 – 11:00am Pacific), Hybrid Pedagogy will host a Twitter discussion under the hashtag #digped to consider the promises...
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Painted yellow line, on asphalt

Bright Lines and Golden Rules: Copyright, Fair Use, Critical Pedagogy

Have you ever overheard this conversation, or something similar, in the departmental copy room? One teacher says, “How many pages of a book can I copy...
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Top 20 words used during the Storify below

#digped Storify Pt. 2: A Backchannel in the Backchannel

This is the second installment of the Storify of the Hybrid Pedagogy #digped Twitter discussion for Friday, August 3, 2012: “Broadcast Learning.” This installment covers our...
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Top Users by Tweet Count regarding the #digped Storify below

#digped Storify Pt. 1: We Interrupt This Broadcast . . .

In his article, “Broadcast Education: A Response to Coursera,” Sean asks us to consider, “If online education has made so much progress, why isn’t it more...
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A set of two Tweets, describing collaborative pedagogy

#digped Storify: Making Collaboration Visible

This past Friday, July 20th, the Hybrid Pedagogy #digped discussion on Twitter extended the conversation we began with our crowdsourced article Digital Humanities Made Me a Better Pedagogue. In that...
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Two adventurous individuals ride away in a origami box flown by origami birds

Digital Humanities Made Me a Better Pedagogue: a Crowdsourced Article

Pedagogy is inherently collaborative. Our work as teachers doesn’t (or shouldn’t) happen in a vacuum. In “Hybridity, pt. 3: What Does Hybrid Pedagogy Do?,” Pete and...
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